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Happy Food Deprivation Anniversary To Us!

“Can’t we sit outside?” I asked our hostess as she led us to an indoor window table. I added, “I requested an outdoor table by the creek.”

Our hostess, a young twenty-something with long flowing hair like Rapunzel-in-the-making, gave me a pouty, glum look and shook her head slowly, “Not tonight, it’s raining.”

“It’s not raining,” I said, although I knew we had arrived in Sedona to celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary in the heart of the monsoon season. It had rained earlier in the day. read more

What Jerry Wants For Father’s Day

Father's Day

“What would’ja like for Father’s Day?” I asked Jerry and braced myself for his answer. Please be something I can afford. Each Father’s Day I do something for Jerry because he’s a great dad to our son.  The clock ticked while Jerry gave my question serious thought.

“I’d like you to pay my two bills,” he said. Jerry has a side operation that brings in a small income which he uses to fund his passions. For his passions, he has invoices to pay. His request caught me off-guard. But I agreed once I learned his bills were within the budget. read more