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My Beloved Slippers (sob, snivel, snurp)

I had no idea of the anguish ahead of me. After all, the room had a beguiling allure of happy color and Mexican art with a beautifully tiled bathroom.

The bathroom had color but no hot water.

But my room on the second floor of the Hotel Trébol in Oaxaca City had a flaw. It didn’t have hot water.

Our Compassion Mexico Sponsor Tour stayed in several hotels while traveling in Oaxaca and its outskirts in January of this year. After staying two nights, we left the Hotel Trébol for other hotels, with plans to return for our final three nights. As soon as we checked back in at the Trébol, I requested a different room. read more

Road Trip: The Long Way to Disneyland, part 2

Ocean Beach, California~

2016-01-24 05.28.00 (2)

Ocean Beach, California. Jerry took this picture moments before a wave washed over him, drenching his shoes and pants.

“C’mon Jerry, get in the water.”

“Nah, I don’t feel well. I’m having a reaction to the medication I stopped taking. I’m going back to the car.”

Jerry wanders back to the car leaving me grinning while standing in the rolling surf with my jeans rolled up.

I stroll along the surf, do some beachcombing, and realize how soothing it feels to have bare feet in wet sand. The desert and the mountains hold a beauty and a soothing aspect of their own. But neither have wet sand with rushing surf frothing around your legs. read more