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Life Changes Fast: the day I launched into the air unexpectedly

Last Thursday, I flew into the air quite unexpectedly. I’m not referring to a dream, but something that actually happened while awake.

Moments before the incident, I lounged in a gazebo with my sister Jodee. She and I had enjoyed a relaxing sister getaway. Jodee had reserved a two-bedroom guest house on the website Airbnb. Located in Scottsdale, the charming guest house sat in the backyard of a 10,000 square-foot, or maybe 20,000 square foot, mansion that had the look of a massive mausoleum with cement columns and circular driveway. The owners pulled their BMWs into the driveway minutes after we drove in. They escorted us to our guest house and encouraged us to use the swimming pool, hot tub, and gazebo; privileges that came with our overnight stay.

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