Bronwyn’s Author Bio



Missionary to the coffee-deprived,

Seeker of humor in everyday life,

Slave to two cats,

Passionate gardener, writer, traveler, shoe-shopper, lover of walks where the wild things are, like egrets and great blue herons.



How my life calling as a writer began:

I wrote my first novel in the fourth grade, an edge-of-your seat story titled, When Baby Goes A Strollering. I stole the title from a magazine advertisement. My story opens with 10-year-old cub scouts rescuing a baby girl from a burning house. When I showed my novel to my mom, she said, “You’re a writer!”

While still in the fourth grade, I knew I would pursue a writing life the day my classmate Janine Kallenberger said to me with an air of confidence, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a great author!” I couldn’t let her comment go without a response, so I said, “Me too.”

The greatest influence in my life:

My mother, Beverley, instilled in me a joy for words. She encouraged my writing and reading. She prepped me for my weekly spelling tests. When I think back, I see her in my mind…she faced the bathroom mirror while winding her hair in black, brush rollers. During the curler-setting process, she called out my spelling words. “Electricity,” she said. I stood at the open bathroom door and sputtered, “E-l-e (pause)-(um)-k?-t-r-i-c-i-t-y.” Mom would say, “Nope, try again.” And I did until I got it right.

Place I recommend for sponsoring a child who lives in poverty:

Compassion International

Favorite places in the world:

Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C.; Merced River in Yosemite National Park (drifting the rapids atop an air mattress); Tuscany; Maui; The Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland; Every library everywhere; Wild Iris Coffee House and Cuppers in Prescott, Arizona, and the San Juan Islands in Washington state.

Favorite places in Phoenix:

The Desert Botanical Garden; Phoenix Zoo; The Arizona Biltmore resort; Liberty Market (which is a restaurant in a 1930s grocery store with too-die-for pancakes on the menu).

Favorite books:

Doing Life Differently by Luci Swindoll; The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom; just about every book Anne Lamott has written.

Favorite blog:

Mine, of course!

Favorite coffee:

Allegro Organic Italian roast (at Whole Foods).

Best coffee I ever had:

At the Sooke Harbour House in Sooke, B.C. and all coffee anywhere in Italy.

Chapter in a book that changed my life:

Romans 12 in the Bible.

The person I can always count on to listen to me, who has my back, who gives me his time and loves me~even the times when he doesn’t feel like it:

My husband Jerry.

Three men whose sense of humor I adore:

My son (who must remain nameless) and my nephew Don. I’m smiling just thinking of these two and their entertaining humor. And Jerry’s funny notes, which I never know where they will appear or when−sometimes they show up in the refrigerator.

My reason for writing a blog:

Cheap therapy

Bronwyn Wilson currently lives in sunny Arizona with her husband Jerry and two cats (a self-proclaimed princess and her humble sister). Previously, Bronwyn wrote feature stories and a humorous garden column for the Woodinville Weekly in Woodinville, Washington. A Master Gardener, Bronwyn has a fondness for all kinds of plants-excluding pampas grass known to tantalize her allergies. She’s happiest when chatting with a friend or family member in a quaint coffee shop; feeding the giraffes at the Phoenix Zoo; or writing at home in her fleecy pajamas.