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bronwyn-and-julieLocal authors Julie Mastel and Bronwyn Wilson are forging into a new promotional experiences for their currently released books by joining over 300 other writers at the 8th annual Tucson Festival of Books set to happen on Mar. 12 and 13 at the University of Arizona. With attendance expected to exceed 110K, Mastel and Wilson hope to reach people who struggle with childhood and mental health related issues. Read More


Reviews for “Five Minutes for France” by Bronwyn Wilson’s readers:

Bronwyn touches on so many parts of our own lives through her witty humor and transparency of her past. We may not have the same hurts in our past, but we all most definitely have something in our lives creating a little extra baggage. Bronwyn sprinkles little nuggets of faith-based wisdom learned while healing from her past as we journey with her on her life-liberating Mediterranean cruise. Somewhere along the way of this once-in-a-lifetime vacation, her bag turns up missing and she has no underwear! A few of my favorite lines from the book all come from the same paragraph towards the end of the book where she realizes that she had the opportunity to see many wonders from around the world, but had focused instead on finding and replacing her lost underpants. “Had I spent my day in Barcelona like I spent my life? I spent too many years focused on the worries, the what-ifs, what-could-go-wrongs.” She goes on to say that she had to purposely lose the baggage of her life in order to “wake up, slack-jawed and open-eyed, to the wonder of God giving me life to live to the fullest.” No one else could lose that piece of baggage for her; it was hers to give up.
Anyone suffering from anxiety, from acute to severe, and in any form, can easily relate to Bronwyn’s analogies and life-giving truths. Some will make you laugh so you can begin to laugh at yourself (laughter is the best medicine!) or some may cut deep because her words truthfully hit home and you know that it is time to lay it down.
The book is a quick read and one that I will pick up again in the future as a reminder to keep my problems in perspective. Highly recommend! ~ Stephanie Winner

I liked this book a lot. It is written by a childhood friend of my Sister. It was fun to see in print my Sister’s and Dad’s names in print.
Bronwyn touched on a lot of fears that I have suffered for many years. I like how she wrote about over coming these fears. I hope to use the steps she used in my future life. Very well written. ~ Sandra L Rogers

I thought that this book was amazing! Great journey thru the authors life! I have had similar issues in my own life, so I was able to relate to this book. I would recommend this book. ~ Shianne

This is an awesome book. I read it in 2 days, I could not put it down, kudos to the author. ~ Peggy Blue

This is a wonderful book about a woman’s struggle to overcome anxiety arising out of an abusive childhood. The vehicle for her inner struggle is a cruise she takes with her husband. She writes about a serious struggle, but with such a positive spirit. It was truly inspiring and uplifting. Although I am not particularly religious, I did not find any of her references to God oppressive or a turnoff. She does not try to make you religious or believe in anything. She is just a wonderful, positive person. Her writing is clean and clear and keeps moving. I learned a lot about myself reading the work of this very delightful, good person. She is able to be completely honest about a difficult subject and come out OK. I kept thinking what a great place the world would be if there were more folks like her. ~ Morton