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Tea for Ten (and tasty shoe leather too)

Kathy, Julie, me, reflective pond

“Anyone celebrating a special occasion?” our tour guide, John, asked.

Kathy, Julie, and I~ along with seven others (people we didn’t know) ~huddled together at the entry to the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix.

After a long silence, one of the ladies in our tour group of ten said, “It’s a good day to be alive.”

“That’s a good reason to celebrate,” Kathy said.

“Every day I wake up and I’m alive, I celebrate,” said the lady, who we later learned goes by the name of Georgia and is 80 years old. read more

My Sadness, My Joy: How My Life Is Affected In Ways I Never Imagined

Tears came to her eyes. I had just asked Alejandra* in my limited Spanish, “Dónde está bebé?” The question seemed to crush her spirit like a giant vice squeezing every ounce of joy she had mustered. Pain and sorrow and heartache flowed from her facial expression. She spoke quietly in Spanish to my interpreter. Oh I wish I could remember the interpreter’s name. But his name escapes me right now. I do remember his words stated very bluntly to me and in plain English. “The baby died.”

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7 1/2 Important Things to Remember (a must for a happy life)

If you ever see cashiers waiting for you like this, run because you are in the Twilight Zone.

1.      The shortest line at any major store means the cashier has a problem with the current transaction. This goes for the express line too. The cashier has called the manager for help, but you won’t get out of there until you’re 104. The manager doesn’t hear her employee’s call for assistance. She’s somewhere upstairs wearing ear plugs, munching on donuts, and reading People magazine.

This Arizona home doesn’t have gravel or lawn. They have chosen the paver-stone yard, which is definitely a step up from colorful gravel.

2.      The grass is not always greener on the other side. At least not in Arizona. That’s because everyone has gravel for lawns. For Arizonans, the gravel is pinker on the other side. Or whiter, or redder, or rainbow, jewel-like. But it doesn’t matter what color someone’s gravel might be because like you, the people with prettier gravel on the other side deal with the same problems you deal with –it’s just they deal with it while standing in their lovely yard viewing your less-than colorful, eye-popping gravel. read more