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Happy Mother's Day2

2 thoughts on “oops! correction

  1. Phyllis

    Yes, these things are true!! I put those candles on my daughters cake one year and even though we all thought it was hilarious, she was NOT amused in the least!!! Also, the golf ball innards were surgical removed and I was NOT amused but my oldest son thought it was pretty cool. My youngest son was accused of breaking someone’s front window with a baseball that was a sounding spit curve ball and I was definitely NOT amused. The joys of Motherhood!!! I would never trade one moment!! I was truly blessed each time I gave birth although I didn’t think so at the time because I chose to give birth “naturally”. I always swore i would never have another baby but then love overshadowed the pain and I had 2 more after the first bundle of joy!!! The reality is they ARE joy!!! Treasures from God!!!
    Thank you for sharing all the cute kid questions at the end. Kids really do say the darnedest things!!!
    Hope your Mothers Day was Marvelous!

    1. Bronwyn Wilson Post author

      Haha, Phyllis, I didn’t realize at the time that other mothers also thought the “can’t-blow-out-candles” would be funny and thought I was the only mom in the world that made this fuax pas. I hated seeing my son disappointed on his birthday. He was seven at the time. And I made a decision then to never do that again. Although I’m pretty sure that if I did that now that he’s grown, he’d laugh.


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