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Beaches & Bedrooms With Cats (And Other Things That Make Your Life Better)

When I asked “What makes your life better?”~no one gave the answer traffic congestion, touring a wastewater treatment facility, waiting in line at the post office during the Christmas season, or sitting barely dressed on top of a cold table in a proctologist’s office. The theme of what makes your life better, according to your answers, relates to moments of tranquility, inner peace, beauty, and love.

Here are your replies and some fun facts too.

Shianne: The BEACH

The beach is Shianne's happy place. photo: A Day at the Beach by Mircea Vasiliu

The beach is Shianne’s happy place.
photo: A Day at the Beach by Mircea Vasiliu

Beach Facts~A jellyfish has no heart or brain. A group of jellyfish swimming together is called a smack. I could find no reason in my research for the term smack. I recall getting stung by dead jellyfish washing ashore and feeling like I could smack anyone near me as I jumped and hollered and swung my arms around writhing in pain. But I don’t think that’s the reason for the term. Why do we call fish swimming together a school? Moving on to flower facts … read more

Eleven Things to Make Your Life Better

sponge holder1

Things to make your life better.

  1. Buy a sponge holder.

I got tired of the sponges dripping on the counter or floating in trays full of water, so Jerry and I bought a sponge holder. It comes with suction cups so you can stick it on the side of your sink and it clings there like Spiderman gripping the side of a skyscraper. Our sponge holder wouldn’t stick and it kept popping off like it wanted to escape. Jerry decided to fix the sponge holder once and for all and cemented it to the sink using silicone. Now the sponge holder never pops off. It’s there forever. And the great thing about this is no more puddles on our counter. Plus the sponge holder allows the sponge to air dry.  I wonder why songs aren’t dedicated to the sponge holder? read more

Why Jerry Laughed at My Luggage

“My luggage is so luxurious that when the hotel staff lays eyes on it, it’s very likely they’ll offer you a free upgrade to your room,” said Samantha Brown from the Home Shopping Network (HSN) channel. Her eyes glimmered. Her short blond hair bounced as she twirled her name brand luggage for her viewers.

I love Samantha Brown. She’s the fun host on the Travel channel. I trust everything she says. If she says her luggage is luxurious, I believe her.

We had the Travel channel in Washington. I enjoyed watching Samantha trek all over the world. She huffed and puffed (or did she sprint?) up a trail to Machu Picchu. She danced on a boat in Mexico City and kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland while upside down. She takes her viewers to hundreds of destinations around the world. read more